Ownership Options – Costs and Income

A Radical Game-changing and Re-invention of Fractional Yacht Ownership…

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get…”  – Warren Buffett

Green Explorers Society offers 4 different ownership options (Click on table to enlarge):
As an example: An EXCLUSIVE 4 ownership (10% of the shares in one of the private Hong Kong companies, which each owns 100% of one of the Green Explorer vessels, but gives you 2 x 2 weeks global usage of any of the vessels in the GES fleet) will cost US$400K. This amount is payable in 5 installments as construction of your vessel progresses. Unlike the pricing policies of most yacht manufacturers, Green Explorer vessels are delivered with all the “extras”, fully functional luxury for prolonged zero-emission periods at sea or at anchor.

Yearly Running Costs:
The annual running costs per vessel, which a.o. include crew, insurance, docking fees, class inspections, maintenance and repairs, accounts and management, are estimated at approx. US$40K per year for an EXCLUSIVE 4 (10%) ownership , payable half-yearly in advance (See table above for the other options). It is expected that these costs can be fully covered or at least very significantly lowered and buffered by pooled charter income.

Pooled Charter Income:
After the owners have had exclusive use of the vessels for 40 weeks during any one year, 12 weeks will remain. 3 – 4 of these weeks are earmarked for class inspections, possible repairs  and crew vacation. During the remaining 8 – 9 weeks, the vessels will be chartered out by GES, either to fellow owners or – via a global network of trusted charter brokers – to third parties. It is estimated that this pooled charter income will fully cover or significantly reduce and buffer the yearly running costs. (click here for further details).

Owners’ Charter Income:
If you, as an owner, decide to charter out one or more of your chosen sailing weeks, the generated income, supplemented by the pooled charter income, should fully cover the annual management costs and help to – partly or fully – recuperate your initial purchase outlay for your vessel. GES can assist with this charter activity, either to fellow members of the society or to third parties via a global network of trusted charter brokers. (click here for more details).
(Click on table to enlarge)owners-charter-income-1

Direct User Costs:

Estimated costs for on-board consumables and services, directly associated with an owner and his guests’ use of the vessels, must be deposited by the owner prior to departure. These costs will vary according to the detailed requirements and preferences of the individual owner.

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