It is vital to have both an excellent management company and highly competent crews to look after the vessels, the owners and their guests and to deal efficiently with the time-consuming operational and administrative aspects of running the vessels. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The safety of the vessels and all souls on board
  • The welfare and well-being of the passengers and the crews
  • Preventive maintenance and repairs of the vessels
  • Comprehensive insurance of the vessels and the crews
  • Flag state issues and fees
  • All class certification issues and fees
  • All issues relating to the hiring and long-term employment of the crews
  • Consumables and services for discerning owners and their guests
  • All local and global red tape issues, ensuring efficient operation of the vessels
  • All other preparations, incl. thorough cleaning and re-stocking of the vessels between allocations
  • Full compliance with local rules and regulations
  • Full cooperation with local authorities
  • Fair allocation of revolving choice priorities among the owners
  • Administration of exchanges of allocation periods among owners
  • Marketing of pooled charters
  • Administration of pooled charters
  • General administration and accounts of Green Explorers Society

The yearly running costs for all items above are estimated to USD400K per vessel.
The major part of these yearly running cost will be covered by Pooled Charter Income, estimated to raise a total of USD320K annually. This leaves an estimated USD80K per vessel, which will be covered jointly by the owners according to the size of their share holding (est. USD1K – 8K annually).

Your Green Explorer vessel will receive on-going consistent, meticulous maintenance and upkeep from your professional crew and independent 3rd party inspections under RINA Charter Class rule in order to ensure many years of trouble-free, safe performance – and to preserve its value.

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